Load cell - Indicator - Transmitter


Load Cells: aluminum, steel or stainless steel construction, according to their place of use; flat, cylindrical or any kind of S-type load cell global - Blue-known brands, Keli, Mscell, TEDEA, Acom used safely with the quality and warranty .. Standard models are constantly present in our stock, the order is provided as a special-purpose models ..
Weighing Indicator and Control Units: platform for any kind of connection to the load cells, tank, mixer, silo weighing, check weighing, filling and dosing, weighing over moving or still-band multi-functional indicators for control systems used in industrial environments with confidence ..
The analog signal (voltage-current) or relay output models are available in our stock constantly.
Transmitter: PLC and PC-related weighing systems, Modbus, Profibus, CC-Link communication protocol specifications, etc., and panel-type structure can be used in industrial applications that require any type of dynamic or static weighing ..
Load Cell

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